I purchased 2 Levolor mini blinds only to find out they won't even close up but about half way nor can I raise them up or down. Thank goodness I only bought 2.

From now on I will buy the vinyl mini blinds, at least they work... Enclosed is a picture of a Levolor blind hanging on my window that will not close up nor raise up or down. I had them cut to fit so can't take them back.

Why would they make a sorry product like this is beyond my comprehension. I will never buy Levolor mini blinds again because they suck big time!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Levolor Blinds.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Dunn, North Carolina, United States #1347087

Wish I had read this review. I bought 10 for my new house and all are the same.

Do not purchase the one inch mini blinds and expect them to close. Mine don't!! I thought Levolor was a decent brand.

Will Never purchase again. I expected blinds to close fully.


Do not buy levolor ! I have a yr lease on apt with vertical levelor blinds so *** flimsy they fall down if you look at them!

Piece by piece they break off or a whole slat breaks off & flies to the floor. If I open a window or the wind blows I hold my breath waiting for destruction.

The lease forbids altering these infuriating ugly unworkable vermin. I despise them!


Spot on. Levelor SUCKS.

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