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I order three Roller Shade fro Levolor. All three were delivered over one inch shorter than the order, arrived with no directions, and the returns for the sides were a different color. I called Customer Service and they apologized for the errors, sent another order withe the correct width, but the same returns. I called Customer Serviced and they asked me to send pictures. I took pics and uploaded to the email address they gave me. A week...
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Just bought $120 of Levelors rollup black blinds and every single one curls in on the side allowing light to come in and reduces privacy.I'll guess that if I return them and get new ones I'll have the same issue. I know they're not high-quality but I bought these before for blackouts to go behind my pleaded blinds and they did not curl in. What happened to Levelors quality??… I had these these in former homes and never had this issue. Yes I'm...
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Anonymous Replaced these poor quality Levelors with Graber at the same price which do not curl in on the sides, fully cover the window and have a better and more forgiving spring mount....

I didn't like
  • Poor quality
  • Very poor design product