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Got 4 blinds from Lowes, paid them to come out and measure them so I would not be at fault for any mistakes. I had many people complain that blinds they bought were too long when they got them.

Guess what, they were right. Then the blinds were installed all of them were too long. All the pictures in the adds and instructions which come with the blinds show the bottom slat sitting above the bottom rail. The lower slat swivels when closed touching the bottom rail.

All the blinds had 2 slats sitting flat on the bottom and the next one up did not close. The slats and cloth straps were all bunched up on the bottom ruining the look of what otherwise were nice blinds. Lowes said all they can do is give Levelor measurements. I called Levelor and explained the problem that there were 2 slats too many and the blinds were 3 to 4 inches too long and they said that for those dimensions the number of slats was correct.

Obviously Levelor never actually checks their binds to make sure the length is correct for an order or they would see the problem right away.

After talking with them I came to the conclusion they just don't want to take the time to check their products. Since they dont care to correct the problem I told Lowes to take them back and give me a refund.

Product or Service Mentioned: Levolor Blinds.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Levolor Cons: Not made to dimentions given.

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Normally an installer will round up the height measurement by, at least, an inch. This will help with light-blocking at the bottom.

Also the majority of customers dislike the blinds floating above the window sill and swaying every time the HVAC comes on.

To the defense of the manufacturer, they don't control the distance between each slat to come up with the perfect height. They only control the height at the bottom of the string "ladders" and cloth tape.


Many installers have learned from trial and error that one should round up the measurement by at least an inch. When they are cut to the exact measurement daylight will shine through above the bottom rail. Also, if the blinds do not set on the window sill, every time the HVAC turns on, the blinds will move.